Changing religious landscapes in los angeles essay

Zimmermann tells his conversion story with near-pointillistic detail. During his freshman year of high school, he writes:

Changing religious landscapes in los angeles essay

Changing Religious Landscapes: Why Some Muslims Convert to Christianity-The Case of Central Asia

Crow is a graduate student in American religious history at Florida State University, and he is now an official contributor to our blog. His interests lie in New Thought, Theosophy, western esotericism, and Buddhism in the west, and of course, he attends the happening alma mater the Florida State Seminoles of the assistant editor and some of our contributors.

Crow I was recently reading the newest edition of Questthe journal of the Theosophical Society in America. Ellwood posits that at some point if the organization can no longer continue in its existing form it may shift to an educational foundation using diverse media to deliver its lessons.

He also points to the way the internet will be central to this future. While Ellwood is clearly excited about the possibilities, there are many scholars who are faced with the conundrum of how to study religion when its institutional forms are quickly diminishing as its seemingly non-institutional forms are on the rise.

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Constructing alternative social and organizational structures, these Metaphysicals use cooperative institutions to further their practices and community building.

One of the institutions in Cambridge that Bender cites is the Boston chapter of the Theosophical Society. Today, in connection with this witchcraft legacy, Salem is one of the largest sites of metaphysical religion. It might be called the Northeastern Mecca of Wicca and neopaganism. Still, in noting these differences, we open up an opportunity to use her ideas throughout America.

Changing religious landscapes in los angeles essay

This flexibility allows us to see how what would previously be seen as a secular institution or means of communication could be incorporated in a larger spiritual network. Next we have to be aware of the diversity of individuals in that network. Bender focused specifically on white middle-class Metaphysicals.

In Salem we would see a different set of Metaphysicals. People involved with Wicca and neopaganism are often in the working classes or are in the lower strata of the middle class, and more diverse racially. Still there are traditionally religious organizations in these networks.

So while there is no Swedenborgian Churchnor a Theosophical Societyto meet at in Salem, other organizations fill in the gaps, both national and local.

One of the most important is the Unitarian Church. Bender does not address Unitarianism to a great extent. One might guess that this is because the Unitarian Universalist headquarters are on Beacon Hill, near Boston Common, not near Cambridge.

We should include existing metaphysical institutions such as Unity Churches and other New Thought groups. Salem has numerous examples of these kinds of groups.The religious landscape of America is changing. A mosque rises from the cornfields along the interstate outside Toledo, Ohio. A Hindu temple is consecrated in a suburb of Houston, on a hillside in Nashville, or a hilltop in Lemont, Illinois.

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These eight essays seek further to enrich historical analysis of the American West with what the editors term the "three R's" of race, religion, and region.

The first three chapters explore religion and community formation in early twentieth-century Los Angeles.

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¤ Jim Hinch is a religion writer and a senior editor for Guideposts magazine. Adapting to the Changing Landscapes of American Metaphysical Religion By way of introduction, John L. Crow is a graduate student in American religious history at Florida State University, and he is now an official contributor to our blog.

Changing religious landscapes in los angeles essay
Adapting to the Changing Landscapes of American Metaphysical Religion