Chapter 6 summary quick read for judith layzer

Judith and Jael The heroines in the Book of Judges and in the Book of Judith are powerful women executing the men who were against God.

Chapter 6 summary quick read for judith layzer

Advertisement MIT Sloan Management Review and The Boston Consulting Group have been tracking corporate sustainability for the past eight years, surveying tens of thousands of managers and interviewing more than executives and thought leaders, while producing eight annual reports and numerous blogs and articles.

MIT SMR and BCG joined forces to increase knowledge about business adoption of sustainable practices and to support the integration of sustainability into business strategy. See Appendix for summaries of the reports. Despite significant progress, corporate sustainability has arrived at a crossroads.

In one direction, corporate leaders in sustainability remain a minority, and are unevenly distributed across geographies and industries. In the other direction, a handful of standout companies are demonstrating that sustainability can be a driver of innovation, efficiency, and lasting business value.

Populist political movements around the world threaten to set back global diplomatic progress on issues like climate change and reverse recent regulatory trends.

All of this complicates the calculus of corporate leaders and their sustainability strategies. Key Lessons Key Lesson 1: Set your sustainability vision and ambition: Focus on material issues: Set up the right organization to achieve your ambition: Explore business model innovation opportunities: Develop a clear business case for sustainability: Get the board of directors on board: Develop a compelling sustainability value-creation story for investors: Collaborate with a variety of stakeholders to drive strategic change: Fortunately, the path to sustainable value creation has become substantially clearer in the past eight years.

Based on our multiyear research on corporate sustainability, we have identified eight evidence-based factors that drive sustainable business practices, regardless of industry or region: Articulate a practical sustainability vision and ambition that lays the foundation for new business practices.

Identify and prioritize material issues to focus resources. Embed sustainability organizationally through cross-functional teams, clear targets, and key performance indicators KPIs.

Innovate on multiple dimensions of your business model. Develop a clear business case. Get the board of directors on board. Communicate a sustainability value-creation story to your shareholders. Collaborate with a variety of stakeholders to drive strategic change.

The research and analysis for this report was conducted under the direction of the authors as part of an MIT Sloan Management Review research initiative in collaboration with and sponsored by The Boston Consulting Group.

Three decades in, we have yet to implement this vision. However, today we know much more about what it will take to make it real. Sustainable corporate performance is essential, and executive leadership vital. Proactive action from the private sector is now recognized as fundamental to realizing a sustainable future.

Nine thousand companies have joined the UN Global Compact since it was established in Two significant trends have emerged in relation to this burgeoning network: One is that companies, as well as partners in their value chain, have become much more transparent about their own sustainability-related activities.

Corporations are doing more to track and communicate sustainable practices, just as more tools have become available to consumers and non-corporate actors to measure and monitor un sustainable business activities.

Notably, social media and other technology platforms have become effective mechanisms for heightening awareness of crises and corporate misbehavior, exerting increased pressure on companies to respond. Advertisement A second trend relates to groups of companies or nations working together to forge new standards and goals for sustainable business practices.

Just last year, representatives of countries ratified a landmark climate agreement in Paris to set nation-by-nation limits on greenhouse gas emissions beginning in The Paris Agreement will likely have a significant impact on the global economy and focus sustainability practices in industries around the world.TEACHING TSOTSI / JUDITH GUNN / BFI JULY 12 Audience Negotiated Reading Diamond (dir.

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Chapter 6 summary quick read for judith layzer

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