Debate on is india a progressive nation

Overview[ edit ] In ancient times, abortion, along with infanticidewas considered in the context of family planninggender selection, population control, and the property rights of the patriarch. Then, as now, these discussions often concerned the nature of man, the existence of a soul, when life begins, and the beginning of human personhood. While the practice of infanticide as a form of family planning has largely been eradicated in developed countries, birth control and abortion are still practiced; and their morality and legality continues to be debated. While modern debates about abortion retain some of the language of these older debates, the terminology has often acquired new meanings.

Debate on is india a progressive nation

Social issues[ edit ] The lack of homogeneity in the Indian population causes division between different sections of the people based on religionregionlanguagecaste and race. This has led to the rise of political parties with agendas catering to one or a mix of these groups.

Parties in India also target people who are not in favour of other parties and use them as an asset. Some other parties claim to be universal in nature, but tend to draw support from particular sections of the population. The narrow focus and votebank politics of most parties, even in the central government and central legislature, sidelines national issues such as economic welfare and national security.

Moreover, internal security is also threatened as incidences of political parties instigating and leading violence between two opposing groups of people is a frequent occurrence. Economic issues[ edit ] Economic issues like povertyunemploymentdevelopment are main issues that influence politics.

Garibi hatao eradicate poverty has been a slogan of the Indian National Congress for a long time. The Communist Party of India Marxist vehemently supports left-wing politics like land-for-allright to work and strongly opposes neo-liberal policies such as globalisationcapitalism and privatisation.

Law and order[ edit ] TerrorismNaxalismreligious violence and caste-related violence are important issues that affect the political environment of the Indian nation. Terrorism has affected politics India since its conception, be it the terrorism supported from Pakistan or the internal guerrilla groups such as Naxalites.

In the former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated during an election campaign. Law and order issues, such as action against organised crime are issues which do not affect the outcomes of elections.

On the other hand, there is a criminal—politician nexus. Many elected legislators have criminal cases against them. In Julythe Washington Post reported that nearly a fourth of the Indian Parliament members faced criminal charges, "including human traffickingchild prostitution immigration rackets, embezzlementrape and even murder ".

However, the role of the president of India is highly ceremonial. All the powers of the president mentioned above are exercised on recommendation of the Union Cabinetand the president does not have much discretion in any of these matters.

The president also does not have discretion in the exercise of his executive powers, as the real executive authority lies in the cabinet.

The current President is Ram Nath Kovind. Vice President of India[ edit ] Main article: Vice President of India The Office of the Vice-President of India is constitutionally the second most senior office in the country, after the President.In modern India, a culture war is raging over the true meaning of the nation.

Hindu nationalists claim that while Pakistan succeeded to build a Muslim nation, India failed to become a Hindu state. Home An update on the federalist debate in India. An update on the federalist debate in India. yellow flag since decades. Yet, Karnataka, as our poet Laureate Kuvempu said, is the daughter of Bharata, the Indian nation (Jaya Bharatha Jananiya Tanujathe).

Jaya Parkash Narain also based upon the progressive decentralization of powers. The. All India Crime Prevention Society AICPS. Making India Crime free and improving police public relationship. Should India be made a Hindu nation? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki.

#LegacyDebate | Has there been a deliberate attempt to push the legacy of only one family?

26 Answers. Varad Jagam, lives in India. Updated Mar 8, Let's enunciate this politically correct.

Debate on is india a progressive nation

I would debate ardently for India to remain perennially and perpetually a Hindu majority. Yes, India should be made a Hindu nation. I am assuming progressive to be socially progressive, not just economically.

India is a bit complex amalgam of both. A large population is progressive and wants to see the change in society. They are against most of the fanaticism, be it religion, language, caste or region. The other, not so large.

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