Essay on news bias

Continue to article content How did big media miss the Donald Trump swell? News organizations old and new, large and small, print and online, broadcast and cable assigned phalanxes of reporters armed with the most sophisticated polling data and analysis to cover the presidential campaign. What went so wrong?

Essay on news bias

While easy for the human brain to compute, heuristics sometimes produce severe errors. Below we focus on five common biases that have almost certainly played a role in your life and may have caused you to act irrationally. Next week, you receive a C- on your essay. Depressed individuals tend to flip the self-serving bias, blaming bad events on themselves.

The reason behind the self-serving bias is simple: When you make a decision or action that results from the self-serving bias, it is because you want to maintain or enhance your self-esteem and to perceive yourself favorably. Psychologically speaking, there are two types of motivation that affect the self-serving bias: In other words, we all want to seem and be awesome!

If you give in to the self-serving bias, it may lead you to blame others for your failures. This can cause arguments at home or in the workplace. All of a sudden, you see Mini Coopers everywhere! They assume that, like themselves, more people have decided to purchase Mini Coopers.

This can be a disconcerting feeling. You toss a coin. It lands on heads and continues to land on heads two more times. The outcome of one coin toss is statistically independent from the outcome of another coin toss. Related to this fallacy is the positive expectation bias, which leads us to think that our luck will eventually change.

The mistaken belief that past outcomes affect future outcomes is appealing to the human mind. While this bias does occur in practical situations, it is most commonly associated with gambling. The essay, written by Pierre-Simon Laplace, explained that men believed their probability to have a son increased if their neighbors produced daughters and vice versa.

This bias is expressed in allocation of resources, evaluation of peers, and other ways. Have you ever noticed someone look down on you after having mentioned your support of a particular politician? A common example of the in-group bias: Commonly studied in the realm of social psychology, the in-group bias has several causes.

Oxytocin the love molecule: This bias causes us to overestimate the value and abilities of our group while fearing, undervaluing, and showing disdain for members of other groups. The bandwagon effect happens at a football game when the crowd starts cheering for a team or a player.

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Individual brains shut down and everyone joins together in sort of a hivemind. You can see the bandwagon effect in action during opinion polls.

Essay on news bias

These polls are typically maligned, with the intention of steering the perspectives of participants a certain way. Can cognitive biases be good? A decision influenced by a bias is automatic.

Examples of Media Bias

This can be a good thing in emergencies. In fact, many cognitive biases are truly neutral, such as the observational selection bias. Here are a couple examples in which biased thinking can be a good thing: This is why students highlight important words when studying.

The marketing world takes advantage of this bias to get potential customers to notice certain things in ads and on websites.Liberal Media Bias in the United States - People rely on journalist to report factual news and to make political points in helping the American citizen in making their decision when it comes time to vote.

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Essay on news bias

­give up on the straight news coverage and go straight to controversy ­CNN discusses negativity about Republican candidates (margin of 3 to 1) ­CNN is one of the world's largest news organizations ­CNN international is the leading international news channel in terms of viewer reach.

The President routinely describes reporting he dislikes as FAKE NEWS. The Administration calls the press “the opposition party,” ridicules news organizations it doesn’t like as business.

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