Financial analysis task 1 wgu

The APKWS program has been devised to give the Hydra 70mm rocket family a new lease of life by converting these ubiquitous rockets into cheap laser-guided precision weapons.

Financial analysis task 1 wgu

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An intensive 5-year-long influenza vaccination campaign is effective among doctors but not nurses. Infection, 40 1 Graphic A2 Background Information The stated purpose of the article was to increase vaccination rates among physicians and nurses in the hospital setting.

Specific interventions, education and availability, were put in place for five years. Vaccination rates were tracked for a targeted group, physicians and nurses. The study was conducted in a teaching hospital for the intervention time frame,and for a follow-up time period, During the study there was an avian influenza threat,and the H1N1 pandemic inthe data showed an increase in vaccination in both groups, significantly higher with physician vaccination.

A2 Review of Literature Multiple reputable references provide statistics and facts during the time period of this study. Influenza risks, as well as the risks and benefits of influenza vaccination are well presented as evidence of the problem in the introduction; however there is not a separate review by the author after the introduction and before the methodology.

The researches in this article reference material spanning when the collection of data began in and concluded in providing current supportive information. A2 Methodology This longitudinal quantitative descriptive study of the sample group compared annual rates between physicians and nurses.

A2 Data Analysis The researchers started with a quantitative study using a descriptive design and expanded this into a more complex correlational design by expanding the analysis of the data from the effectiveness of interventions to the effect of the Avian Influenza and H1N1 out breaks during the study.

The researchers further analyzed the data to determine which group of staff vaccination increased with interventions and rated the arguments given for non-responding nurses. A2 Conclusion Results were summarized and the overall conclusion was clearly stated. The vaccination rate did not significantly increase with the interventions overall, there were higher vaccination rates during the avian and H1N1 outbreaks.

The study showed the vaccination rate for the physician group did increase with the intervention; however it did not increase the rate with nurses. There was a flaw in the design of the study; staff that may have been vaccinated elsewhere were not accounted in the total vaccination rate.

The number one reason nurses gave for not receiving the vaccination was a fear of the side effects. The main reason given for vaccination was perception of severity of illness as evidenced by the rate increase for the years of the Avian and H1N1 Influenza outbreaks.

Analysis of Five Areas Based on the data collected and presented in this study, an accurate conclusion by the researchers has been made. This conclusion is further supported in their referenced literature from similar studies in Europe. In addition to the intended study, vaccination data from the Avian and H1N1 Influenza outbreaks during the study period provided supplementary information regarding motivating factors for vaccination, and a comparison of vaccination rates.

It is feasible the lack of data about the staff that may have received their vaccination from other providers skewed their results; this possibility was stated in the research literature. Taking into account the possibility the data did not include all of the vaccinated staff the results still correlate with other similar studies in the region.

Unfortunately the data does support their hypothesis; it does however support their conclusion. Statistical analysis of the study was performed by an independent professor that was not part of the research team thus eliminating bias.

Type of Research Descriptive statistical methods were listed as the primary method of research by the researchers.

The rationale for this method provided by the researchers was due to the lack of individual data and the fact that some individuals were included in more than one campaign. This was a retrospective, longitudinal study. There were seven identified periods of time included in the research period that data was collected, analyzed and compared for the final conclusion.

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The data gathered was primary. This included actual number of individuals vaccinated as well as survey questionnaires to identify reasons the vaccine was declined and motivational factors leading to their acceptance of the vaccination.

Financial analysis task 1 wgu

Appropriate type of research? The type of research was appropriate for this study. Other similar studies utilized this method of research.

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A control group that was not offered the incentives may have provided a comparative end result to determine if the interventions instituted were impactful in the decision of the group to accept vaccination.Proverbs: The Holy Bible: King James Version: This is a book of wise sayings and ethical and common sense teachings on how to live a godly life.

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Search. service, or result of the project and compares this to the financial gain the project is expected to generate.

including a description of the analysis method and the results.

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