Free skate park business plan

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Free skate park business plan

Not Going to be Easy! They provide a safe controlled environment in which skaters can practice and enjoy their sport. That measure of control is particularly appreciated by the parents of younger children.

Private skateparks are also one of the best places to learn the basics and expose skaters and their parents to inherent risks and safety precautions, as well as fostering a working knowledge of proper skatepark etiquette.

In turn, young skaters are much better prepared to handle themselves when they get to a free public facility.

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Some states restrict the size of elements in their public parks, and private parks are one of the few legal sources of advanced terrain. Want to stage a competition? A private park is the winner, hands down. The bureaucratic red tape is negligent by comparison, and private facilities are already secure, fenced, and have the infrastructure in place to handle events without a major change in protocol.

free skate park business plan

Private, for-profit skateparks are also nothing new. There are a fair number of them out there, and like any business they come and go. Some have been up and running successfully for years. Almost all would have remained unnoticed by the general public were it not for the sustained popularity of the sport.

They are always the first to follow the money in our land of opportunity. But only in the last year or so has the idea really hit the mainstream. We have recently arrived at a point where virtually everyone from the skate mom to the gang at league bowling has begun to wonder whether finding an empty building, throwing down a few ramps, and charging for a session is their key to financial success.

Suddenly, everyone wants in. An e-mail I received this morning emphasizes my point perfectly: Okay, what was the question again? Of course there is no question. X wants is validation of his belief that he can throw down a few ramps and have a grip of cash in no time.

Logic such as this tends to be based upon the assumption that the success of free public skateparks is an indicator of the potential success of a private facility. Charging someone money to skate even once, let alone developing a repeat clientele, is another thing entirely.

To date, a direct correlation between the success of free public parks and that of private parks has yet to be established.

Of course, private skateparks can be dynamic and profitable business ventures, but it has to be done right. And even then there are no guarantees.

free skate park business plan

No market is ever hot enough to jump into without the proper research and planning. Being open-minded and tolerant is the best practice. Go with the flow. Skateboarding is a dynamic industry that is driven by emotion and defies most attempts at definition using standard business language.

Previous job experience has value, but is not enough. Of course, I can already hear Mr. There will be as much to unlearn as to learn. In my experience, the more one is exposed to something, the more readily they can discern the good from the bad. Travel across the country if need be. Read all of the industry magazines, even the ones that appear juvenile.

The ones that have been at it for years know the market well. Perhaps most important, seek out and take advice from professionals within the skateboard and skatepark industry from the beginning. Professional skatepark designers should be among the first considered as most know first-hand what it takes to construct a skatepark.

Chances are they can be hired as a consultant unless the park that you are planning is across the street from theirs. Likewise, the manager of a local skate-shop is another great resource. Sooner or later a staff will be required for any skatepark facility. Why not start networking and recruiting from the beginning?

Expect to spend anywhere from two to five thousand dollars laying the conceptual groundwork for a private skatepark facility. This is money well spent and a drop in the bucket if plans move forward.Community Parks Community parks provide a variety of active and passive recreational opportunities for all age groups and are generally larger in size and serve a .

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SoCal Skateshop - Who We Are. SoCal Skateshop is fully staffed with knowledgeable and dedicated employees to handle all your skateboarding needs.

Glennon Heights Pool. A stand alone outdoor facility, there is a large shallow area in the main pool, along with a separate wading pool for younger swimmers.

The Department of Environmental Services (DES) is making Arlington County a vibrant, accessible and sustainable community. Skaters who plan to grind the rails, get air off the pyramids or just skate smoothly at the new Cerritos Skate park should prepare to follow the park's rules.

The rules, designed for the safety of all skaters, will be strictly enforced by Cerritos Sheriff's Deputies. Things to Do Bryant Park annually hosts over 1, free activities, classes, events and more.

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