How to write an article english language gcse revision

Flynn effect Since the early 20th century, raw scores on IQ tests have increased in most parts of the world. The phenomenon of rising raw score performance means if test-takers are scored by a constant standard scoring rule, IQ test scores have been rising at an average rate of around three IQ points per decade. Flynnthe author who did the most to bring this phenomenon to the attention of psychologists.

How to write an article english language gcse revision

Tuition fees are high compared to the rest of the schools on this list but still cheaper than many private schools in the UK offering an education of similar quality. BISC is noted for a reputation of excellence based on the legacy of their former campus in Zamalek.

Whilst their standards have dropped ever so slightly since their move to a new mega-campus in west Cairo, they are still regarded as one of the best schools in Cairo. This brilliant school in New Cairo scored magnificent results in all of our inspection criteria.

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The teachers we interviewed oozed with knowledge and experience. Academically, this school applies the American Curriculum to an impressive degree. In fact, this is the first school in Egypt to embed entrepreneurship into the core program — a bold move but one we absolutely love. Overall, Metropolitan School is a true contender for the best school in Egypt for children aged between 3 — Located in Maadi, the well established school is made up of a huge number of expats, especially Americans due to its ties to the US embassy.

The academic programs at CAC include the Advanced Placement AP and IB Diploma, making it an ideal platform for students to continue their higher education at leading universities across the globe.

CAC promotes athletics more than any other school on this list, making it a great choice for parents that want their children to get a high quality education and stay healthy at the same time.

The school was founded back in by the Protestant congregation of Cairo. The German curriculum is a tough one by all means, but DEO ensures their students are given ample attention by maintaining small class sizes.

They teach discipline, and encourage critical thinking.

BISC – The British International School, Cairo

The cultural diversity at NCBIS is remarkable with more than 63 nationalities represented in the student body. And when we say tiny, we mean it, as this school caters to children aged 2 to 13 years.

how to write an article english language gcse revision

The teaching staff is predominantly British and the class sizes are small giving your children the attention they deserve. Staying true to their British nature, MBIS encourages its students to explore and question everything.

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In short, if your children are starting school for the first time, or below the age of 13, we think MBIS is a great place for them. None ages 2 to 13 Where: But they do not compromise on the quality of education, even with its 2-in-1 feature.

The teachers at MES are just as good as any school on this list, and their facilities are superb. One is situated in the 5th Settlement in the east, while the western campus is in 6th of October City.

Choueifat is part of the SABIS Network of schools, which is essentially a global education network that can trace its roots back to when the International School of Choueifat was founded in the village of Choueifat, a suburb of Beirut.

Academic standards are high, and delivered in a well-structured manner developed by years of experience by SABIS. Many parents will be pleased to learn that Choueifat adheres to a non-selective admission policy. The school is praised for its facilities which include indoor swimming pools, IT and science labs, over-sized libraries, and a seat theatre.Select learning level(s) and subject area(s) in the boxes below to find resources to suit.

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Always free. Language Paper 1 Q1: List four things (5 mins) How to respond You are given a section from the it.

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The ‘things’ you are looking for may be explicit (obvious) or implicit (hidden, hinted at) You have to list four things you learn about it based on a given subject. You should write your response in very short sentences. It was cold and grey. Despite having the largest overall education system in the Middle East, Egypt was rated as the worst country in the world in quality of primary education by the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness response, Egyptians sarcastically found pride in being number one at something, even if it’s from the bottom.

how to write an article english language gcse revision

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