International call rates telstra business plan

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International call rates telstra business plan

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Charges apply International Roaming Day Pass included. Charges apply International Roaming 1GB data. On the large plan you get 20GB of data. Some folks will have no trouble using this data on their phone while other people wont use as much.

And this is where it gets more interesting with data sharing. If you have two or more phones on the same account they can pool the data of their individual plans.

So if you have two large plans you would have 40GB per month to use between both phones. One phone might use 30GB and the other phone can use 10GB for the month. This would be especially useful of you were on the XXL or Premium plans. Unlimited SMS to standard numbers.

International Roaming inclusions for the XL plan: International Roaming inclusions for the XXL plan: International Roaming inclusions for the Premium plan: Data used in excess of your monthly roaming data allowance will be charged at 3c per MB.


Eligible Countries for discounted international roaming rates: StayConnected is an exchange and replacement service providing protection for your mobile phone. Should your phone be damaged, lost or stolen then utilise your Stay Connected and a replacement phone will dispatched the next business day.

Using the Stay Connected App you can restore your data on your replacement phone when it arrives. You can have up to 2 swaps per 12 months. Stay Connected swaps are performed over the phone not in store. Stay connected is not part of your contract and can be cancelled at any time.

Stay Connected also includes technical support over the phone by one of Stay Connected Tech experts. This premium mobile tech support and coaching is conducted over the phone by a local tech expert. This service is available during the following hours: You can redeem your New Phone when you hit the 12 month mark of your contract.

Your phone needs to be in good condition in order for you to redeem you New Phone Feeling.The only way to make a call at different rates, or with a different carrier, is to use a calling card (prepaid or otherwise), and use the Telstra Pre-Paid Home service to call the access number for the calling card.

international call rates telstra business plan

Telstra will send you an application form, which you must complete and return to Telstra within 28 working days. On the form, you will need to either have your doctor confirm your condition or complete the statutory declaration.

We can't plan for everything, but we will always do our best to correct faults as quickly as possible. This Service Status search provides details for your personal Telstra .

By standardising call rates across our consumer plans, it will be easier for customers to compare and select a plan that suits their needs, change as their needs shift and be able to more seamlessly transition to Telstra services on the National Broadband Network when it becomes available in their area.

Telstra SIM-only; Telstra Business; Optus.

international call rates telstra business plan

Best* mobile plans for international calling but it goes beyond a simple listing check to see if rates are provided for calling . Compare phones & plans Easily compare loads of mobiles, plans and options and get the best deal for you.

Easily compare loads of mobiles, plans and options and get the best deal for you.

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