Lesson plan how to write an autobiography life

They will also be able to write their own biographies and autobiographies. Introduction 15 minutes Introduce the term "biography.

Lesson plan how to write an autobiography life

Only one person can write an autobiography: There must always be a reason to write an autobiography: In general, people who have suffered some unusual misadventure or trauma, people who have achieved greatness, or people who have committed outstanding mistakes or endured extreme hardships have stories valid enough for an autobiography.

There is no set pattern or plan to writing an autobiography: Steps for Writing an Autobiography The most accepted format for an autobiography is chronological.

This means writing the life story in the order in which it happened.

How to Write an Autobiography and Make the Best-seller List

Consider your whole life. Think about how you have lived it. Try to remember the important times, and the achievements and adventures or mishaps that shaped it. Make a list of all the events, incidents, and accidents that you would like to mention. Make a list of people who were—or still are—involved in your life.

Add substance to the list by writing a brief description of each person, event, accident, misfortune, lucky strike, and occasion you can remember. A plan must be created from the result of this summary. Hold meetings with relatives and friends, who can remind you of events and people you might have forgotten.

Gather as much information as you can in the way of photographs, letters, paintings, mementos, souvenirs, personal belongings, recordings, and other audio, visual, or personal material.

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These make for useful memory triggers, and will elicit stories. Reserve a long time to cover all the talking, listening, and reading you might have to do to put together an account of your whole life.

Although you know it well yourself, the aim is to make your knowledge and interpretation sound fresh and interesting to those who will read it. Take plenty of notes and start to draft the story using a fresh perspective for the anecdotes and narratives you have gathered.

As with other writing, it is always wise to draft the introduction and first chapter last. This method provides the opportunity to introduce your work in an appropriate way, and devise an absorbing and well-written autobiography.

lesson plan how to write an autobiography life

Key Points to Consider An autobiography is a personal document to write. The motivation behind it might be to leave your story to your descendants, to entertain your family, or to put on record some unusual achievement or escapade.

It takes months, if not years, to put a whole life into words. It also takes a lot of careful thought and cautious deliberation. Telling the story as it happened might be the easiest way, but it is also possible to work in flashbacks or vignettes.

Places, people, and time are all important to get right in an autobiography. There are also opinions, attitudes, feelings, decisions, and resolutions that might be difficult to write about without becoming overly emotional. Taking an occasional break might relieve stress. An autobiography cannot avoid the mention of family members and friends.

No one lives a life of complete isolation. It is vital to ask permission to mention incidents, events, cases, and procedures that involve others. It is inevitable that someone is hurt, insulted, or offended by the content you write.

Try to lessen the impact of what you write in two ways: Use your genealogical information to depict your life accurately in the context of who your family and antecedents were, the locations in which they originated, and information about their lives—since without them, you would not have a story to write.

Some interesting events might have occurred that need clarification and checking. The best people to ask are relatives and friends, but neighbors, town and village people, classmates, playmates, and teammates all make for sound sources as well.

Do make connections with well-known events that took place around the significant stages of your life: Do use a style that goes with your personality. If you are a casual, down-to-earth person, avoid a stilted pompous style.

If you are precise and studious individual, avoid a boisterous or overly jovial style. Do summon all your thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, watchful concern, and recollection for this reminiscent but significant task.An example of a student autobiography is a story depicting the details of his or her life.

Some topics found in an autobiography include the events of the student's birth, activities and hobbies, first time traveling alone and educational experiences. The Writing about Yourself resource page with lesson plans and teaching tips, teaches kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students how to write personal diaries, memoirs, and autobiographies.

In this lesson, students will listen to real examples of autobiographies. With graphic and interactive supports, they will plan, organize, and write their own autobiography after viewing a teacher.

Informative Writing - Lesson #1 What Can Birds Do? Informative Writing - Lesson #2 Biography Lesson Plan; Brochure Template - Tri-Fold; Butterfly Life Cycle PowerPoint; Students conduct a short research project about a chosen person to build knowledge about that person's life.

9th Grade Autobiography Project. from mastering a skill to learning a lesson — what are the two most significant moments and why? ( words) Complete three of the following assignments: 1.

lesson plan how to write an autobiography life

Once Upon A Time Write a fictionalized account of how your parents met. This means that you take the REAL story and change the names and. Supplemental Lesson Plan: The Life and Times of Harriet Jacobs.

Harriet Jacobs, born enslaved in Edenton, North Carolina, escaped autobiography, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl.

Harriet Jacobs in From: Before the lesson begins, have students write their definition of slavery. Have.

9th Grade Autobiography Project