Nys critical lens essay

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Nys critical lens essay

I was at school and studying Human Services and Chemical Dependency. And what got me involved was I always wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself and give back to my community. And it made me think; when I was older I could do something about it. Muhammed Harris My mission in the Nurturing Fathers Program and the Fathers Care Workshop seeks to build the capacity of diverse parenting education programs to meet emerging demands and needs.

The goal is to: The intended outcome is to facilitate greater communication among family members and increase community collaborators. This mission statement can be found on my private work website www.

Nys critical lens essay

The mission statement was crafted over time as several important points of significance culminated in my work.

A goal of the Initiative was to partner with a community program and provide support and development in furthering their work. I understood this to mean a social justice issue. C… I was actively pursuing advancing my role to provide support, promote collaboration and increase sustainability of community organizations focused on parent education of infants and toddlers.

I was accepted to the Fellowship based on my experiences and not academic achievement, and was a very big outlier in terms of previously selected Fellows. At the same time, I was also approached by Walter Simpkins, a longtime colleague involved in fatherhood work in a community program called the Community Fathers Program in Schenectady.

He requested help with providing evidence that fathering programs work so he could provide outcome measures to include in grant proposals. I made calls and connected with the program developer Mark Perlman of a 30 year old evidence based program called the Nurturing Fathers Program NFP that uses a very well-known, reliable, and valid evidence based model to measure success called the Adult Adolescent parenting Inventory AAPI.

After consulting with Walter for approval, I found myself enrolled in the training to become a facilitator in the Nurturing Fathers Program. This is often required during Support Court hearings and trials.

Instead, it is up to people in the community to provide the services for fathers to reconnect with family. If a father can find a private resource, the prohibitive cost is an obstacle to being able to follow through. It would in essence, be another resource to widen opportunities for fathers.

While the Community Fathers Program primarily focuses on co-parenting and conflict resolution, the NFP focuses on parenting education and concrete skills for teaching and nurturing children and family growth and development.

The Nurturing Fathers Program also uniquely has fathers look at recognizing and celebrating cultural differences in families and this increases its sense of being culturally responsive. We me and Walterwere also encouraged to use the NFP model because I would be able to return and train other fathers to become group leaders.


Our intention and goal in our work is to promote independence and look at ways for fathers to become leaders in their own communities to create sustainability.

In being able to train fathers to conduct these trainings in their own communities, we can then look at how to support and mentor the work. It was from the first class I led that I was able to recruit Muhammad Harris, an incredible person that helped by co-leading groups and become a group facilitator.

The Nurturing Fathers Program Training with Mark Perlman in Sarasota, Florida provided me with a great opportunity to connect with other people involved in fatherhood work from around the country.Part 4 - Critical Lens Essay Exam Date and Time: _____ GOAL: 90 % OR ABOVE Essay/Response Grading Criteria 1.

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2 Part 1: Listening Section Yes! Tips. This lesson is the first step in helping 10th grade students prepare for Session II, Part B, the “Critical Lens”on the New York State English Regents Exam. The lesson will focus on essay organization and rubric scoring.

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A comprehensive review of positive psychology. Positive psychology. William D. Tillier; Calgary Alberta; Update: Under construction. In 11th grade students are required to write a Critical Lens essay as one of the tasks on the New York State Regents Examination.

This essay is worth 60% of their overall score on the exam. Please see the following handouts and exercises to help develop and practice these skills.

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