Sector in tourism and hospitality

This unique hybrid business model provides a real-life learning experience for unemployed youth and the opportunity for guests to participate actively to the sustainable economic development of the country. It combines a social and customer driven strategy in an international learning environment with the intention to optimize the hospitality sector in Bhutan. In Bhutan, the growing and labour-intensive hotel industry contrasts with high youth unemployment. Within this growing sector an opportunity has come forward to optimize the training with a self-sustainable boutique Hotel-School following a solidly customer driven orientation.

Sector in tourism and hospitality

You hang out in hotels, bars and restaurants all day, doing a bit of work here and there, or you jet off around the world and help other people have a good time whilst topping up your suntan. Alternatively, you may have heard that a job in hospitality and tourism is always a stopgap.

Many people pursue lifelong careers in hospitality and tourism. These careers can be exciting, challenging and varied; however, they also require a lot of hard work and dedication. We encounter the people who work in hospitality and tourism all the time: The people who work in this sector really take one for the team and work when other people are having fun.

For instance, people who work in pubs and clubs tend to work mainly in the evenings, and people who work in tourism are especially busy when everyone is jetting off on their summer holidays. Jobs in hospitality and tourism are all about providing friendly, efficient and attentive customer service.

Consequently, excellent communication skills, patience and a friendly nature are essential for you to thrive in these industries.

Sector in tourism and hospitality

You really have to want to work in this sector to do it well. For instance, if you work in a youth hostel, your working life will be very different to that of someone working in a five star resort. Depending on the size of the organisation and what services they provide, you will be able to explore many different career paths.

Every establishment requires managerial staff to oversee the general operations. Larger hotel chains are also likely to employ financial staff, marketing departments, human resources and administrative staff. Understandably, there are also many opportunities in the hotel and accommodation industry for:About.

Alhokair group is a name that has been tied the world of hospitality and entertainment for decades. To many, it has become the first name that comes to mind when tourism in Saudi Arabia or the Arabian world are mentioned.

discussions at the Global Dialogue Forum on new developments and challenges in the hospitality and tourism sector and their impact on employment, human resources development and industrial relations. Discover all statistics and data on Global Travel and Tourism Industry now on!

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Sector in tourism and hospitality

Travel and tourism is one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors, Read the Travel and Hospitality Industry Outlook to learn more. Travel and hospitality industry outlook Download the PDF. Segment by segment: The view ahead.

Hospitality The hotel. Positive expectations continue for Mauritius hotel and tourism sector. June - Mauritius experienced yet another year of record tourism arrivals in In terms of hotel offerings, Mauritius is characterised by a diversified supply, ranging from midscale business hotels to luxury resorts and boasting the largest presence of international hotel groups of any country in Africa.

NATH as a non-profit organization, has strived to maintain and increase excellence in the Tourism Industry. Through on-going partnerships with all role players in the Tourism and Hospitality field of Namibia (the private sector as well as relevant ministries of the government), NATH shown success in facilitating and coordinating tourism related training needs in Namibia.

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