Student success in college essay

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Student success in college essay

Factors in Student Success Attitudes What is your outlook on learning? Do you study for a grade, or for knowledge to enrich your life?


It's normal and healthy to want high grades, but if you don't appreciate learning for its own sake, high grades will be of little value to you. There are observable differences between many successful students and many struggling students in their attitudes toward learning.

These include the following: Many struggling students have no more foresight than the final exam. Often, they feel they can forget what they have learned following the exam. Of course, this can be disastrous in the next course of a sequence.

Perhaps more importantly, it indicates an outlook that education is not to be taken seriously. Successful students generally value learning for its own sake and do not feel it is something to be discarded after a specific event such as a final exam.

Foresight manifests itself in other ways. Part of being a college student is learning to work within a complex system. It's OK to learn you've made inappropriate choices, or to have questions, but the student who makes even a tentative effort at planning a schedule is learning how to make decisions and plans within a complex system.

Foresight is also an important issue in a student's choice of major.

student success in college essay

As a professor, I evaluate students' work. Occasionally, it is obvious that a student is never going to be successful in my field, and I will advise the student accordingly.

Several students have resisted such advice on the grounds that they are too close to graduation to find new majors - they want to get their degrees as quickly as possible.

A short-sighted decision to ignore one's shortcomings in a chosen field is likely to defer facing up to these shortcomings until a time when the stakes are higher. It's better to find a different field, even if it means taking more time to get your degree, in which you have prospects for success when you're still a year old student than when you're 30 or 35, still young but perhaps stuck in a professional dead end to which you committed at age 20, with family and financial obligations that make it impractical to prepare for work in a new field.

How do you treat your textbooks? If you mark them up, do you do so in order to help you study, or do you use your books as doodle pads? Do you toss them around casually, or do you handle your books gently? The respect you show your learning tools is often reflected in and by the respect you have for learning, itself.

Do you automatically sell all your textbooks at the end of the semester? At least for the courses in your major and its related fields, you ought to keep your books for professional references.

Rigidity - Are you too compartmentalized in your thinking? Do you believe that the only place to learn spelling and grammar is in an English course, or the only place to learn mathematics is in a math course?

I often point out spelling and grammatical errors to my students; in my end-of-semester student evaluations, I'm often criticized for doing so usually, in misspelled or incorrectly worded complaints.Student Success essays Student success is a controversial issue without any controversy.

Not everyone realizes that every individual has different ideals for success. These ideals may not fit the paradigm of student success held by a school.

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Therefore, student success is a difficult subject to under. Student success is a controversial issue without any controversy. Not everyone realizes that every individual has different ideals for success.

These ideals may not fit the paradigm of student success held by a school. Therefore, student success is a difficult subject to understand. Admission Essay, Personal Statement & Letter of Recommendation Editing & Writing Services for College, Law School, MBA or Business School, Medical School, and Graduate School.

A very common mistake students make in the first semester of college is scheduling classes for when they are least productive.

If you’re trying to achieve academic success and your brain isn’t fully active until after noon, make sure that you’re not doing any heavy thinking before then. 3. Consider listening to books. Student Success: Welcome to the Bryant & Stratton Student Success Website Bryant & Stratton College is committed to the success of students from their first educational experience through their adult life.

We believe education is a journey of self-fulfillment, this website is a collection of tools and materials to help people achieve this. New2NOVA. New2NOVA is an online, interactive orientation program available to all incoming students.

The program will teach you everything you need to know to get started at NOVA including information about academic programs, policies, procedures, student services and other valuable resources available to you as a NOVA student.

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