Study of colossians 3

Whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as unto the Lord.

Study of colossians 3

Pulpit Commentaries Introduction I. The apostle exhorts us to set our hearts upon heaven and take them off from this world, Colossians 3: He exhorts to the mortification of sin, in the various instances of it, Colossians 3: He earnestly presses to mutual love and compassion, Colossians 3: And concludes with exhortations to relative duties, of wives and husbands, parents and children, masters and servants, Colossians 3: Verses The Spiritual Life.

The apostle, having described our privileges by Christ in the former part of the epistle, and our discharge from the yoke of the ceremonial law, comes here to press upon us our duty as inferred thence.

Though we are made free from the obligation of the ceremonial law, it does not therefore follow that we may live as we list. We must walk the more closely with God in all the instances of evangelical obedience.

Colossians - For you died, and your life is now hidden with

He begins with exhorting them to set their hearts on heaven, and take them off from this world: If you then have risen with Christ. It is our privilege that we have risen with Christ that is, have benefit by the resurrection of Christ, and by virtue of our union and communion with him are justified and sanctified, and shall be glorified.

Hence he infers that we must seek those things which are above. We must mind the concerns of another world more than the concerns of this.

We must make heaven our scope and aim, seek the favour of God above, keep up our communion with the upper world by faith, and hope, and holy love, and make it our constant care and business to secure our title to and qualifications for the heavenly bliss. And the reason is because Christ sits at the right hand of God.

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He who is our best friend and our head is advanced to the highest dignity and honour in heaven, and has gone before to secure to us the heavenly happiness and therefore we should seek and secure what he has purchased at so vast an expense, and is taking so much care about.

We must live such a life as Christ lived here on earth and lives now in heaven, according to our capacities. He explains this duty Colossians 3: Set your affections on things above, not on things on the earth.

Observe, To seek heavenly things is to set our affections upon them, to love them and let our desires be towards them. Upon the wings of affection the heart soars upwards, and is carried forth towards spiritual and divine objects.

We must acquaint ourselves with them, esteem them above all other things, and lay out ourselves in preparation for the enjoyment of them. David gave this proof of his loving the house of God, that he diligently sought after it, and prepared for it, Psalm This is to be spiritually minded Romans 8: Things on earth are here set in opposition to things above.

We must not dote upon them, nor expect too much from them, that we may set our affections on heaven for heaven and earth are contrary one to the other, and a supreme regard to both is inconsistent and the prevalence of our affection to one will proportionably weaken and abate our affection to the other.

He assigns three reasons for this, Colossians 3: That we are dead that is, to present things, and as our portion. We are so in profession and obligation for we are buried with Christ, and planted into the likeness of his death.

Every Christian is crucified unto the world, and the world is crucified unto him, Galatians 6: And if we are dead to the earth, and have renounced it as our happiness, it is absurd for us to set our affections upon it, and seek it.

We should be like a dead thing to it, unmoved and unaffected towards it. Our true life lies in the other world: You are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God, Colossians 3: The new man has its livelihood thence.

Study of colossians 3

It is born and nourished from above and the perfection of its life is reserved for that state. It is hid with Christ not hid from us only, in point of secrecy, but hid for us, denoting security.

Study of colossians 3

The life of a Christian is hid with Christ. Because I live you shall live also, John Christ is at present a hidden Christ, or one whom we have not seen but this is our comfort, that our life is hid with him, and laid up safely with him. As we have reason to love him whom we have not seen 1 Peter 1: Because at the second coming of Christ we hope for the perfection of our happiness.The City of Colossae.

Colossae or Colosse was an ancient city in the Lycus River valley, about miles east of the great, cosmopolitan capital city of Ephesus, located in . Colossians 3 Study Questions Verse Order G Where is Christ seated?

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A. At the right hand of God (Colossians ) G Why should you set your hearts on things above, where Christ is . Colossians 3 - NIV: Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. A Bible reading checklist in "Excel" that keeps track of your progress with all kinds of cool graphs and tracking features along with stats on words, verses, encouraging facts, etc. Introduction Welcome to our study of Colossians, a book that stresses the supremacy and sufficiency of Jesus Christ.

He is our source of the knowledge of God, our access into the presence of God, and our. An inductive and exegetical Bible Study in Colossians. The Deity, preeminence, supremacy, sufficiency, and centrality of Christ as LORD. The subtheme is that .

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