The toilet overview

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The toilet overview

Roman public toilets, Ostia Antica. Model of toilet with pigsty, China, Eastern Han dynasty 25 — AD During the third millennium BC, toilets and sewers were invented throughout the world.

Mohenjo-Daro circa BC is cited as having some of the most advanced, with toilets built into outer walls of homes.

These toilets were Western-style, albeit a primitive form, with vertical chutes, via which waste was disposed of into cesspits or street drains. The flowing water removed the human waste. Some of the houses there have a drain running directly beneath them, and some of these had a cubicle over the drain.

The toilet, dating back BC, yielded important clues about early Southeast Asian society. More than 30 coprolitescontaining fish and shattered animal bones, provided information on the diet of humans and dogs, and on the types of parasites each had to contend with.

The toilet overview

Roman toilets, like the ones pictured here, are commonly thought to have been used in the sitting position. The Roman toilets were probably elevated to raise them above open sewers which were periodically "flushed" with flowing water, rather than elevated for sitting.

Romans and Greeks also used chamber potswhich they brought to meals and drinking sessions. Mattelaer said, " Plinius has described how there were large receptacles in the streets of cities such as Rome and Pompeii into which chamber pots of urine were emptied. The urine was then collected by fullers.

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The Han dynasty in China two thousand years ago used pig toilets. Post-classical history Garderobes were toilets used in the Post-classical historymost commonly found in upper-class dwellings. Essentially, they were flat pieces of wood or stone spanning from one wall to the other, with one or more holes to sit on.

These were above chutes or pipes that discharged outside the castle or Manor house. This method was used for hundreds of years; shapes, sizes, and decorative variations changed throughout the centuries.

They were emptied into the gutter of the street nearest to the home. In pre-modern Denmarkpeople generally defecated on farmland or other places where the human waste could be collected as fertilizer.

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In general, toilets were functionally non-existent in rural Denmark until the 18th century. Rain was no longer sufficient to wash away waste from the gutters. A pipe connected the latrine to the cesspool, and sometimes a small amount of water washed waste through.

Cesspools were cleaned out by tradesmen, known in English as gong farmerswho pumped out liquid waste, then shovelled out the solid waste and collected it during the night.

This solid waste, euphemistically known as nightsoilwas sold as fertilizer for agricultural production similarly to the closing-the-loop approach of ecological sanitation. The garderobe was replaced by the privy midden and pail closet in early industrial Europe.

The construction of an underground network of pipes to carry away solid and liquid waste was only begun in the mid 19th-century, gradually replacing the cesspool system, although cesspools were still in use in some parts of Paris into the 20th century.

The water closetwith its origins in Tudor times, started to assume its currently known form, with an overhead cistern, s-bends, soil pipes and valves around This was the work of Alexander Cumming and Joseph Bramah.

Water closets only started to be moved from outside to inside of the home around A toilet would also be placed outside the back door of the kitchen for use by gardeners and other outside staff such as those working with the horses.

The speed of introduction was varied, so that in the predominantly working class town of Rochdale had water closets for a population of 10, It was the Tudor Walters Report of that recommended that semi-skilled workers should be housed in suburban cottages with kitchens and internal WC.

As recommended floor standards waxed and waned in the building standards and codes, the bathroom with a water closet and later the low-level suite, became more prominent in the home.

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During the Victorian eraBritish housemaids collected all of the household's chamber pots and carried them to a room known as the housemaids' cupboard.High-Efficiency Toilet Rebate.

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A toilet is a piece of Overview. The number of different types of toilets used on a worldwide level is large.

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