Wellness programs in the workplace essay

Placing Workplace Wellness in Proper Context:

Wellness programs in the workplace essay

California has less than half of the smoking rate of Kentucky because California has created a culture and environment that discourages tobacco use. California has made it easier to quit and much harder to smoke than just about any other state.

Workplace Wellness Programs in What, Why, & Worth [Free eBook]

To see similar results at your health and wellness program, you need to start by creating a healthy culture. However, be warned that just implementing these wellness program ideas will produce an activity-based wellness program not a results-oriented wellness program.

The WellSteps wellness platform uses these same wellness program ideas but integrates them into a strategy that is not only measurable and incentivised, but is also effective.

Done right, it looks like this.

Wellness programs in the workplace essay

Little or no wellness budget? Here are some great wellness ideas and tips that you can do on any budget.

Prepare and distribute a list of healthy dining options in 2-mile radius of your office Employees often commute from outside their local area when going to the office every day for work. As a manager, you should create a list of all the restaurants within a 2-mile radius of your office which contains healthy food choices.

Healthy eating should always be part of employee wellness.

Prepare and distribute a list of healthy dining options in 2-mile radius of your office

You could also go a step further and list examples of some of the healthy food choices that are available at these restaurants. Escambia County Florida has taken this concept one step further. They created a list of healthy restaurants in the county.

One big stereotype about health foods that deters people from buying them is their price. Therefore, employers need to make discounted health foods available for sale at work so that their employees will have healthier food options to choose from.

This will also make health foods easier for the employees to purchase without forcing them to drive to a restaurant on their lunch break just to get them. Review the catering menu and make recommendations for healthy options If your company hires caterers that prepare meals for the employees in a cafeteria, then pay particular attention to the catering menu and the food choices that it has.

Foods like hamburgers, French fries, and pizza should be avoided altogether. Tell your caterers that you want to add healthier foods like salads, grilled chicken, egg whites, wheat toast, and so on. You may not be able to get rid of all the unhealthy foods on the menu, but if you add healthier options then people who care about eating healthy will be able to do so.

If your company holds office parties or holiday parties then you should recommend healthier foods to the caterers of those events as well. Try adding variety to the healthier food choices in order to get people interested.

Salads, for example, could be broken up into multiple meal choices. You could have cobb salad, grilled chicken salad, garden salad, Caesar salad, etc. This will make the employees think they have plenty of food options to choose from without feeling deprived of their unhealthy foods.Essay on Wellness Programs in the Workplace - Introduction Over the last several decades, an epidemic of “lifestyle diseases” has developed in the United States.

In response, employers, in an attempt to increase productivity and decrease health insurance costs, have created wellness programs to combat the growing trend of unhealthy living habits. Dr. Aldana is the CEO of Wellsteps, a worksite wellness solution that leads the nation in wellness program deployment and engagement.

Dr. Aldana authored over 75 scientific papers and 7 books on health risk management, healthy living, and health promotion programs. More companies are implementing physical fitness and wellness into the structure of the company.

With increasing evidence supporting health promotion programs in the workplace, more companies than ever are implementing health and wellness strategies to reduce . Amid the stress and tension most employees face on a daily basis in the workplace, wellness programs are setup to help alleviate the health risks brought on by prolonged stress.

Dec 13,  · The Affordable Care Act (ACA), which includes the Prevention and Public Health Fund, will support a new focus on prevention and wellness, offering opportunities to strengthen the public’s health through workplace wellness initiatives. This essay provides insight on the importance of workplace wellness programs.

Also addressed in the essay are suggestions for how an employer or organization can begin to incorporate a wellness program where one did not previously exist.

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