Work health and safety essay

Why is it necessary to have first aid provision and what is advisable?

Work health and safety essay

Hire Writer There is a high risk of chance to injuries for those who are young workers, male workers and night workers. It has been shown that staying awake for 17 hours has the same effect on performance as having a blood alcohol content of 0.

If an employer works more than 48 hours within a week, the individual begins rise levels to fatigue, and affect the health and safety. It is important for the employees to stay healthy, this means, the employer and employees will struggle to do the occupation right.

Slips, trips and falls are an unavoidable issue that can contribute workplace injuries and accidents. These are generally due to lack of housekeeping practices such as water or oil spilt on the floor. When this issue is assessed the potential for slips, trips and falls, it is important to look at out of sight areas such as freezers, cool and storage rooms, stairways, loading docks and behind bars Worksafe, A sustainable business industry is about maximising the businesses potential without corrupting the environment.

The environmental sustainability is the outcome of consuming resources, involving making decisions and taking the interest of protecting the environment and to reduce the negative impact on it Legrand, Hotels have many benefits that are being implemented into sustainability in the hotel such as cost reduction, improved process efficiency, reduced environmental impacts and enhanced company image Arthur, Therefore, integrating sustainability into business planning, policies, practices and training should be considered standard practice.

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Waste management is a main key issue with the hospitality industry. This would cost the hotel more money when purchasing items and materials. It is important for the industry to improve strategies for a good waste management plan. Recycling significantly decreases the total of waste going to landfill.

This can reduce the waste costs in the Hotel if less gatherings are needed for general waste. With recycling, this will save money on waste costs as less gatherings for general waste will be needed.

Resources such as plastic, paper and wood should be maximised to improve environmental sustainability.

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For the hospitality industry to improve the environment sustainability, it is needed to reduce, re-use, recycle and treat waste that cannot be avoided, to make this hotel industry less hazardous.

In industries recycling is the practice of gathering and sorting materials such as paper, plastic and glass Rai, This means that the raw materials that have been used previously are being used into new products, helping with sustainability and resource management.

Work health and safety essay

Usually items and materials such as containers, boxes or bottles are being thrown away. With this we can contribute the thrown materials and being aware of the products by putting recycling and re-use policies into place.

The use of energy is also another way that our industry can practice sustainability. Throughout the hotel, changing light bulbs to energy efficient light bulbs, turning off lights and computers after the end of the day can minimise the amount of energy that all industries uses.

Health And Safety In The Workplace | Essay Example

Tourism WA, For the industry to improve it is suggested to switch to environmentally sustainable energy sources. This will help for the industry to minimise the amount of energy that our and other industries consumes.

Water is another issue for the hospitality industry to be sustainable. Water is a needed resource for the hospitality industry due to its lack and its role with the amount of activities during the day in the property such as food production, energy use, bathrooms and outdoor facilities.

For the industry to reduce the waste of water it is important that minimising water waste minimises the cost. Implementing water saving will save money and help Australia to conserve its water resources. This will also save the energy bills as hot water requires significantly.

Employing water saving techniques such as installing low flow shower heads or taps are becoming a more common practice within the hospitality industry. Reducing waste, energy and water consumption can save money and improve the industries environment and sustainability. Be more efficient in reusing, recycling and conserving water and energy within the hotel.Health and safety at work Act This act aims to raise the standard of health and safety for all the individuals at work and protect public whose safety may be at risk by the activities of the people at work.

Work health and safety essay

Manual handling is transporting or supporting loads by hand or by bodily force. In , 35% of accidents reported to the health and safety authority were injuries resulting from manual handling activity. This is an important workplace issue that needs to be addressed. Patient lifting is a serious /5(8).

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) in the workplace requires co-operation from both employers and employees to ensure that the workplace is a healthy and safe environment.

Both employees and employers are required to co-operate by the rights and responsibilities that are set for them. Workplace Health and Safety Legislation Essay Words | 4 Pages.

The health and safety at work act () puts a responsibility on all employers to provide a safe environment at work for their employees and is probably the main law regarding health and safety in the work place.

Essay on The Role of Health and Safety in Sport - Health and safety plays a big part in any work organisation, especially in a sports organisation with all the . What is operational health and safety - The identification, evaluation and control of hazards associcated with the work environment.

-The goal is to reduce occupational injuries and illnesses associated with employment * Injury = any cut, fracture, sprain or amputation.

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