Write a summary of the moon is made of blue cheese

Mar 03, Jean rated it liked it This book was used extensively for Literacy with a Year 2 class. The children wrote descriptions of the aliens on the moon; they wrote a job advert for Bob's job, and then applied for the job, explaining how they were suitable candidates; finally, they prepared a brochure for visitors to the moon. They enjoyed reading the book together and produced very interesting and imaginative work. It's a good story and can be easily expanded to different levels.

Write a summary of the moon is made of blue cheese

Is that just a big ball of cheese floating in the sky? It certainly looks like one with all those crevices on its surface; a tasty ball of cheese at that.

Scotty Brown, a little field mouse that lived on the grassy plains of old Trafford wanted to prove just that. He always dreamt about jumping onto a rocket ship, blasting off into the night sky, straight to the floating ball and taking one giant bite out of it.

Oh how yummy and soft and creamy and delicious it would be he thought. Why the moon looked so big, that he could even bring a piece back to his family, so they could all enjoy it.

And when they had finished, he would return back again and fill his rocket ship with some more! There was plenty of cheesy moon for all the mice in the field.

Oh if only he could find a way to get up there.

Moon Poems And Poetry

Scotty told all his friends about it the next day, and to his astonishment, they all laughed at him! However that same night, once the twinkly stars lit up the night sky, he rushed back out of his hole into the open air and gazed at the big ball of cheese floating in the sky.

He was so amazed at how bright it was, and illuminated the entire field around him. On some nights Scotty observed that the moon was not so round at times, and was almost a semicircle.

He thought to himself that on those nights, other people must be taking their fill of cheese back to their homes and the moon had to produce more to become a ball again. One morning Scotty was strolling along home humming to himself after playing in the fields all day when he stumbled across a peculiar sight.

Right in front of him lay what looked like a crumpled up piece of newspaper that had been torn out. Now you may think that a plain old dirty newspaper is nothing to be astonished by, but it was what Scotty read in the newspaper that made him jump with glee.

write a summary of the moon is made of blue cheese

As quickly as he could, he rolled it up into a tiny ball and pushed it all the way home. If you ever had a chance to sit down to a cup of tea with him, he would tell you all about his glory days of working through the old steam mills, confronting scary looking alley cats all in search of a morsel or two for his family.

Scotty however adored the old gramps, as not only did he enjoy listening to his stories, but on the odd occasion Grandpa George would also accompany the little mouse at times observing the moon on a starry night.

The Moon is made of Cheese - Short Stories for Kids

Old George had been dozing off on his rocking chair when he alarmingly woke up to the noise of excitement. Finally adjusting his glasses and wiping the last bit of sleep from his eyes, Grandpa looked at the ad.

There was a picture of a very serious but proud looking mouse with a top hat on and one finger from his right hand pointing directly at you.

One that will be the envy of everyone around you and label you a hero for life! How would you like to go to the moon? We are in search of six brave lab rats to accompany our courageous astronauts on their mission. Do you have what it takes? Only the mightiest mice will be chosen to sign up at Avid headquarters by tomorrow morning.

Only the fearless will succeed.Theoretical physicist Sean Carroll at the ScienceWriters conference in Flagstaff on October 17 explained why we need not sample the moon to know it's not made of cheese.

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